Built by Faith as a Fellowship of Believers

Chinese Christian Church of Chattanooga (CCCC) was established in 2003. Since then it has mainly focused its ministry on Chinese community in the Greater Chattanooga area, it has brought more and more Chinese speaking people or Americans friends with all kinds of backgrounds and origins around the world to Jesus Christ our Lord. Those people includes college students, visiting scholars, company employees, business owners, and their families, coming from mainland Chinese, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other Southeast Asia countries. As a sole Chinese Christian church in this area, it seeks to build the body of Christ through worship, education, evangelism and special events, conferences, local community services, allows our lives to elevate the Glory of God.

Chinese Bible study group in Chattanooga was formed.

Rev. Pastor Dongyang Chiu was called to lead the congregation, helped register the Chinese Christian Church of Chattanooga (CCCC) in State of Tennessee. The church was officially established on June 12 on the premise of Red Bank Presbyterian Church. Pastor Chiu became the first pastor in CCCC and over next 4 years (June 2003 – October 2007).

Pastor Chiu retired in October 2007. During his tenure, the church continued to grow under his teaching and leadership, slowly but stably as not as many Chinese people living in this area as today. His vision led the Church Building Fund established. It turned out to be a critical step for the church future growth. November 2017, Pastor Peter Chang was invited and called to help lead CCCC for the next two years (November 2007 -October 2009). Under Pastor Chang’s preaching and leadership, the church actively reached out to Chinese communities, especially Chattanooga Chinese Association (CCA), spreading Gospel to bring more people to Lord.

Pastor Xinghan Liu was invited and called to help leading CCCC in January 2010 for the whole year (January 2010 – December 2010).

Teaching minister Tianci Ma was invited and helped lead CCCC. In 2012, Rev Ma was ordained in late 2012. He had been the pastor of CCCC till March 2013.

By late 2012, the membership had outgrown the available space offered by Red Bank Presbyterian Church. The congregation moved to the premise of Grace Baptist Church and operated on October 14.

In great need of revitalization, pastor Chang came to help lead CCCC again after his retirement.

In April, Pastor Timothy Li was called to lead CCCC during his OPT period as Doctor Candidate in LOGOS Evangelical Seminary till March 2017.

Dr. Timothy Li became official pastor of CCCC after he graduated from the Seminary in June 2017 till now.
The church continued to experience stable growth and fundamental changes under his teaching, preaching, and leadership, several bible study and worship groups were established. CCCC is looking for a new church building now for future growth need.

CHINESE CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF CHATTANOOGA A family of believers seeking the Truth and the Life.